On May 14th, Utah House Bill 247 goes into effect and will cause all recording fees to jump to $40 or more. As a result of this our starting fee for recons4u will increase from $40 to $70. Please submit any reconveyances you would like us to process quickly and we will make every effort to record all reconveyances prior to this date.

  Thank you for visiting Recons4u.com! If you are a current user please login and use the menu under "Tools" to enter and track reconveyance requests. If you are interested in becoming a user please call our office at (435) 632-1131.

Reconveyance Services offers these time-saving services!!

  • Internet-based requests for Reconveyances
  • Convenient on-line Tracking System
  • Immediate Confirmation
  • Accuracy Guaranteed
  • Admin-user Authorization
  • Security of working with a Trusted Partner

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